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Strep Throat Specialist

Ludlow Pediatrics

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About one-third of sore throats are due to strep throat, a contagious condition that can cause more than just painful swallowing. Robert J. Willis, MD, FAAP, of Ludlow Pediatrics offers rapid, in-office strep testing of children in Ludlow, Massachusetts. If you think your child has strep throat, call or schedule an appointment online to get their treatment started today.

Strep Throat Q & A

What is strep throat?

Strep throat is a fairly common infection caused by the A streptococcus bacteria. Also called strep, streptococcus is a nasty germ that lives in the mouth, nose, and throat. It’s easily spread by coughing, sneezing, and touching.

Strep can live a long time in the body, even after symptoms of strep throat have subsided. Once your child has strep throat, there’s a high probability that they’ll get it again. Especially if they’ve had strep before, it’s essential that they see Dr. Willis quickly, to get treatment started and to avoid spreading the infection to others.

What are the symptoms of strep?

While a sore throat is the most common symptom of strep, there are other symptoms. Strep can look a lot like a cold or the flu and have symptoms like:

  • A rash
  • A fever
  • Body aches and/or sore muscles
  • A headache
  • A dry or irritated throat
  • Painful swallowing
  • Enlarged or tender lymph nodes
  • Red spots in the mouth or throat
  • White patches on the throat and/or tonsils

If your child has symptoms of strep throat, Dr. Willis and his team at Ludlow Pediatrics offers in-office testing, which returns results in less than 10 minutes. Testing for strep early can prevent its spread to other members of the family and other children.

How can I prevent my child from spreading strep throat?

If your child has tested positive for strep throat, you can help prevent spreading it to your family and others by:

  • Teaching them to cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze or cough
  • Throwing away all used tissues
  • Encouraging them to wash their hands frequently
  • Disinfecting shared surfaces like bathrooms and door knobs
  • Avoiding contact with others while they have symptoms
  • Discouraging the sharing of food and drinks between family members and others

If your child tests positive for strep throat, they could be contagious for up to three weeks. Dr. Willis and his team orders treatments that can include antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, pain relief, and simple steps you can take to make them feel more comfortable at home.

If you think your child has strep throat, call or schedule an appointment online at Ludlow Pediatrics.