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Pediatric Prenatal Visits Specialist

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Adding a new baby to your family is life-changing and wonderful, but may also be overwhelming for new parents. Robert J. Willis, MD, FAAP, of Ludlow Pediatrics, in Ludlow, Massachusetts, offers pediatric prenatal visits as an opportunity for you to ask questions, voice concerns, and plan the arrival of your new family member. For a pre-birth visit with a trusted pediatrician that involves discussing topics important to you and the health of your child, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Pediatric Prenatal Visits Q & A

What is a pediatric prenatal visit? 

A pediatric prenatal visit is a scheduled time you spend with Dr. Willis and the Ludlow Pediatrics team before the birth of your son or daughter. Excellent pediatric care begins before birth, as you get to know the team who nurtures your child’s health throughout their childhood. 

You may especially benefit from a pediatric prenatal visit if you: 

  • Are a single parent
  • Are a first-time parent
  • Are planning an adoption
  • Have multiple children
  • Have a high-risk pregnancy
  • Have had a complicated pregnancy
  • Have previously experienced a prenatal death 

Your pediatric prenatal visit may consist of a simple introduction to Dr. Willis and his team or may include time to share concerns, ask questions, and receive guidance in planning your child’s health care. 

What are the benefits of a pediatric prenatal visit? 

As an expectant parent, the benefits of a pediatric prenatal visit at Ludlow Pediatrics include: 

  • Establishing a trusting relationship between you and your pediatrician
  • Getting to know your pediatric team better before the birth 
  • Learning about the practice’s medical philosophy and approach
  • Sharing important information about yourself
  • Asking questions about important topics
  • Receiving guidance in making educated decisions 

During a prenatal visit, you are not only gathering valuable information about Dr. Willis, but he is also learning important things about you and your family. This helpful information may help identify potential health risks for your child and provide better care for your baby as they grow.

What kinds of questions can I ask at a pediatric prenatal visit? 

During a pediatric prenatal visit, you have an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any concerns you may have. You may wish to discuss topics such as: 

  • Circumcision
  • Immunizations
  • Infant safety
  • Preparing pets
  • Preparing siblings
  • Well-baby visit schedule
  • Alternative immunization schedules
  • Breastfeeding and formula-feeding
  • Introduction of solid foods
  • Parenting styles and approaches
  • Family history of congenital disabilities 

You may also discuss signs or treatments for common conditions, such as jaundice, teething, colic, or constipation. Asking questions about these topics before your child is born puts your mind at ease and helps you make wise decisions about their health care. 

To schedule a pediatric prenatal visit, call or schedule an appointment with Ludlow Pediatrics today.