Siblings: bringing home your newborn


 If you are bringing home a newborn into a home where there is a toddler or preschooler, here is something that may help. Of course, try to let them help as much as possible.  And don’t forget ‘Special Time’ by Barbara Howard as I mentioned earlier.   My experience, however, is that kids are not automatically jealous. They are usually too investigative and try to be too helpful. Trying to feed them cookies or try to pick them up when crying.   Throw out the words, "NO DON'T" If you are saying this all the time, they will quickly get resentful and take that out on you and the baby!  Instead say, "I'm worried” or “I'm afraid” or “I'm concerned" …  that if you do (yada yada yada) you might hurt the baby and we will have to take the baby to the doctors or the hospital.  By saying "I'm worried" or "I'm afraid" it puts the onus onto you and they can change their behavior to help you and feel good about it.  But if you are always saying "No Don't" they will get resentful. A small change but one that usually helps.

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