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I read in the news tonight that 7 girls from Chicopee have gone missing in the past 3 months. I
don’t know the details but it is scary to think about. I was talking to my wife and daughter. A few
ideas to consider.

1. You fine something on your windshield, leave it there and drive away. Even if it is $100 bill.
2. Never park next to a van.
3. Don’t park far away from a store in the dark.
4. If some stranger approaches you and is acting very friendly, walk away.
5. An old car key, the kind with the key in black base makes a great weapon, go for the eyes.
If they want to physically harm you.
6. A plain, non-retractable ‘Bic’ pen also makes a great weapon, go for the eyes. It’s your life or
theirs. If they want to physically harm you.
7. Be aware of your surroundings, and if your spider sense is going off, get out of their.
8. Watch a self-defense video or 5 or 10, there are leterally hundreds.
9. Take a self-defense course.
10. Mace: I believe you need an FID card.
11. Pepper spray is available from sporting goods stores, like Dick’s, behind the counter of
12. If you're in a store and feel someone creeping buy a can of wasp spray, immediate access and
sprays 20 feet.
13. Don't be afraid to make noise. Yell, Scream. Someone's "comfort" if you're wrong is NOT
above your safety.
14. If the attacker is going to hit you with a club, get close to them, they have no power, then use
the pen.
15. If they have a gun, knife: unless you have special training, I would not recommend fighting.
16. I bought self defense alarm on FB. It is incredibly loud. Hooks on key chain. I gave several
as Christmas presents. My daughter saw them for sale on QVC.

This list is by no means complete!
For more info talk to the police.

Thanks to Amy Brand and Christy Belville for additions.

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