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Safety for Newborns

Safety for Newborns
  1. Sleep on their back


  1. Not sleep in bed with you


  1. Car seat:  facing backwards for 2 years.  Any questions you can go to AAA or even your local fire dept.


  1. Burns: Don’t let anyone hold the baby and have a hot cup of coffee or tea. If there is an accident the baby will get burned! 


  1. Falls:  Do not put the baby on a bed with pillows around them, even at this age  they move around a lot and will go right through the pillows and the older they get the more likely they are to move around.  


  1. Honey: No honey for one year.  The real question is. “Why on earth would you give honey to a baby?!” There is an ‘old wives tale’,  If they have hiccups, Grandma’s will say to give them sugar water, but if you are an ‘au-naturel’ person you don’t want to give table sugar to your baby, so what is more natural than honey?  Picture bees flying around everywhere to collect pollen, etc., the problem is honey is a wild product that doesn’t get sterilized. There can be this one bacterium (Clostridium botulinum) that will release a toxin that can paralyze them.  They feel that as much as 10% of the SIDS in CA in the 70’s/80’s was due to infant botulism. 


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